The AWANA Farm is now located in beautiful NorthWest Tennessee!

ALL prices are open to negotiation.

Mares/Fillies For Sale: 

Murzhjana (Flexx PR X Specials Fanci) AHA# 0616892 1998 chestnut mare. Good trail horse, has been shown in open halter. Great mom and nursemare, has adopted other foals. Priced very reasonably at $1200 or will consider lease to right home.

S Moonlight Dancer  (Rajah Ameer X Corsyka) AHA# 0601699  - 2003 Black mare, probably homozygous, good trail horse, excellent broodmare, throws foals with heighth and excellent structure. Starting endurance conditioning and price will increase. $2500

AWANA Farasha (Bakit TF X Murzhjana) 01-07 Powerful mover, athletic, correct, sweet bay filly. Started under saddle. $1000

AWANA Sharee (Bakit TF X Jonang Shareba) 2010 chestnut filly $750

AWANA ShaTali (Talal Moon X Jonang Shareba) 2012 black-bay/grey filly, very sweet disposition and a rare opportunity to get a Talal Moon daughter, high percentage Egyptian. $1500

AWANA Krikit (Talal Moon X S Moonlight Dancer) 2012 black/grey filly, very tall, athletic and big mover, rare opportunity to get a Talal Moon daughter, $1500

AWANA Windsong (Windbridge X Faith of the Wind) 2008 SE/AK bay filly with TF to Bukra!! $5000

AWANA Lucia (Qahtahn x Ravenwood Magick) 2007 SE/AK chestnut sabino filly with lots of chrome. $4500
Sweepstakes and halter futurity nominated.

Stallions/Colts For Sale:   
No mature stallions available at present.

AWANA Al Zarka '10 black-bay grey colt (Bakit TF x Bintalia Minstril) SE/AK $3500

AWANA Nashid  '11 bay colt (Bakit TF x Faith of the Winds) SE/AK $5000

Geldings For Sale:

AWANA Bachir  '08 bay colt/gelding  (Bakit TF X Ravenwood Magick) SE, AK, Started under saddle.

AWANA ShaMel (Baskehil Beau  x Murzhjana) golden bay 2008 gelding. Tall, athletic, bred and built for performance but elegant and typey too. Levelheaded and sweet personality, would make a great sporthorse but stretchy enough for main ring too! $2500 Sale price $700

Docs Golden Nick 2005 Reg. half Arabian, (Quarab) Buckskin gelding,  awesome horse! Well started under saddle, trail broke, this one would be a beautiful show horse and is calm and level-headed. everybody loves this one $2500 FIRM!

ALL horses listed may be sold on contract to approved buyer. I am more concerned with where they go than how much they sell for.  All terms and prices are negotiable and all reasonable offers will be considered.  Will also consider trade offers (no horses or pets!) So make an offer! Mares sell with optional breeding.

SOLD to new homes:

AWANA Octavo (Talal Moon AHA x No Imaginary Blonde AQHA) 09 bay Quarab colt.
No Imaginary Blonde AQHA # 3724079 Palomino mare
Bel La Bella (Baskehil Beau X Special Lilly) 2006 pretty, petite bay Arabian filly.
AWANA Bachir (Bakit TF x Ravenwood Magick) SE AK BSL, Dahman Shahwan '08 bay colt.
AWANA Caspian (Baskehil Beau  x S Moonlight Dancer) black-bay colt born July 2008.
Ted n Travis 11yo Haflinger gelding pair,
Sir Ibn Zaghoul  (TTT Jedi Knight X El Sireese) AHA# 613818  DOB 6-26-03 black Arabian gelding,
Ravenwood Magic  (Ravenwood Gamal x Ravenwood Magick) SE, AK, Asil. Lovely Black-bay mare,
Awana Sameh (Bakit TF x S Moonlight Dancer) 2007 bay Arabian colt.
Ra En Ka Re (Bakit TF x El Sireese) DOB 01-04?-07  bay Arabian gelding,
Sha Lady Jabella (Doc's Makin' Big Bucks AQHA/IBHA  X Jonang Shareba AHA) 06 bay 1/2 Arabian filly
Sha Drakkar (Jonang Jahil  X Jonang Shareba) DOB 07-12-1997 chestnut Arabian gelding,
Sha El Fiero
(Jonang Jahil  X Jonang Shareba) DOB 02-20-2004 chestnut Arabian colt,
Mighty Maximilian  2004 bay tobiano Chincoteague pony colt
Just A Blur (Royal Gold P X T.W. Sweet Ginger) ITPA# P14045 DOB 03/20/1998 bay Trottingbred pony mare.
TTT Gazala Ahmar
(Jonang Jahil  X Jonang Shareba) DOB 02-16-1999 chestnut Arabian filly,
Sand Dahlia
(Flexx PR  X Jonang Shareba) DOB 05-20-01 grey Arabian filly,
Jokers Wild
(Noctura Cintar  X Jonang Shareba) DOB 06-16-1999 bay Arabian colt,
Sir Ibn Zaghoul 
(TTT Jedi Knight X El Sireese) DOB 06-26-2003 black Arabian gelding, 
Kaluha Knight (TTT Jedi Knight X El Sireese) DOB 09-11-2003 black Arabian gelding
R Black Shah
(Tuxedo Man X El Sireese) DOB 03-26-1999 black Arabian colt,
Reeses Rocket
(YR Biarritz X El Sireese) DOB 03-26-2001 black Arabian colt, 
Dokkalfar (YR Biarritz X El Cap Saudeese) DOB 03-26-2000 black Arabian colt,
MJ Flaming Star (Jonang Jahil  X AM Evening Star) DOB 03-22-2000 chestnut Arabian filly,
TTT Formal Design
(YR Biarritz X El Cap Saudeese) DOB 05-13-1999 black Arabian colt,
TTT Count Frost
(Flexx PR  X AM Evening Star) DOB 01-05-1999 grey Arabian colt,
TTT Flexx Appeal
(Flexx PR  X AM Evening Star) DOB 1998 grey Arabian colt,
(Saud El Soaran X ASA Onyx Angel) 1999 black Arabian filly
ASA Arielles Gem
(Saud El Soaran X ASA Arielle) 1999 black Arabian filly
Eln Najib
(Eln Ferzeyn  X PL Monsharie) 1997 grey Arabian gelding
Jonang Jahil
(Tu Macho  X Shannigan )1997 chestnut Arabian stallion
Flexx PR
(Borexpo*  X Farlajka ) 1988 grey Arabian stallion
AM Evening Star 
(AM Count Faster  X Babre Spica ) 1988 grey Arabian mare
(Jonang Jahil  X Montana ) DOB 1999 chestnut 1/2 Arabian colt,
(Jonang Jahil  X Montana ) DOB 2000 chestnut 1/2 Arabian filly,
Ja Mirage (Jonang Jahil  X Montana ) 1997 chestnut 1/2 Arabian gelding
All Gussied Up 1999 bay tobiano 1/2 Arabian colt,
1995 bay grade pony mare
1990 chestnut QH stock mare