AWANA Eclipse- 2013 Black/grey colt, (Talal Moon x Faith of the Winds)  SE, AK,    Bukra tail female line, beauty and correctness too!

AWANA Al Mahfouz "Lucky" - 2013 Liver chestnut/grey colt, (Talal Moon x Bintalia Minstril)  SE, AK, This one loves to run! He is athletic yet halter correct and beautiful face.

AWANA "Legacy" - 2013 Black colt, (Talal MoonRavenwood Magick)  SE, AK, A very special colt!! Sadly deceased.

AWANA Denali - 2013 Chestnut colt (Talal Moon x Minstrils Bahira)  SE, AK, This colt is gorgeous with flaxen mane, 4 socks, a blaze and rabicano traits, very elegant, correct and athletic.




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