2008 Foals
"Ali, Jaz, WindyMel and Caspian"...for the moment...

AWANA Bachir* (Bakit TF X Ravenwood Magick)=   aka "Ali"Gorgeous SE, AK, BLE, bay colt! 02/18/08 Will be available for purchase to approved home with retained breeding clause.  NEW Bachir has been sold and will be going to his new home in KY this summer!

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AWANA Jazareina* (Bakit TF X Jonang Shareba)=  pretty, mahogany bay filly, also born 02/18/08! And as sweet as they come.. that's the way Shareba makes them. NFS

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AWANA Windsong* (Windbridge X Faith of the Wind) = beautiful, big and bay,  SE filly
3 seconds old and trying to get up! She actually made it to all four feet while mom was still resting! She was born 5-8-08 at 0138. It is an electric night! The spring wind is blowing, the coyotes are singing like it was a full moon, stallions screaming at each other across the way, mares squealing and younglings racing around the pasture just because they can.  Guess we'll have to call her "Windy" for now...  $7500 pre-weaning

AWANA Windsong (Windbridge X Faith of the Wind)  SE AK BL filly - beautiful bay, sweet, typey halter quality. $15000

AWANA ShaMel* (Baskehil Beau X Murzhjana) = golden bay colt, 02/08 Can you say "sporthorse"? His pedigree certainly does! This picture at 3 days old.  Turning out very elegant...
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AWANA Caspian* (Baskehil Beau X S Moonlight Dancer) Guess what .. another bay!  This one, born 07/08, is shedding out as a black bay. Pedigree.

* Note: All names are subject to change.