All World Acres Natural Arabians

Welcome to All World Acres Natural Arabians, otherwise known as AWANA. We hope you will find your visit interesting, intriguing, informative and educational. 

We have had a lifelong interest in horses with over 30 years experience in breeding, raising and training them, Arabians in particular. Our first contact with Arabians came from a rescue horse named Sparkles who was in foal to an Arabian. Sparkles was a cute little grey mare who was half Arabian and half pinto pony. She foaled a beautiful palomino filly who turned grey and was named Miss Wauchula. Sparkles died many years ago but she will always be remembered for all the fun times we had with her. That was the beginning of our dedication to the Arabian horse.

Our philosophy on horse-keeping is that "Nature knows best". We try to provide a natural herd environment that promotes gentle discipline and emotional support while still allowing our young horses to grow up trusting people. The free exercise provides a better maturational environment for muscle conditioning and developing strong bones/ligaments. It also helps keep our older horses happy and flexible. Whenever possible we look to nature for advice on dealing with behavior problems or other issues that arise. We have assisted many other people in rehabilitating  their "problem horses" using these methods. We practice Reiki and other natural healing methods on a regular basis to promote optimal health. This holistic approach utilizes natural healthcare methods whenever available and is supplemented with vaccinations and routine conventional care when needed. We do try to limit the exposure to synthetic chemicals whenever possible and supplement feeding with natural, preferably organic, products. 

We focus on providing excellent customer service and helping both new owners and horses adjust to their new partners. We go to great lengths to match a buyer's needs with the right horse and reserve the right to refuse to sell if warranted. We always want to make sure that the horses we sell go to the right homes, where they will be loved and cherished as befits their royal status.  We are always willing and available to help people learn more about the Arabian horse and/or horsemanship in general. We welcome visitors and inquiries anytime, but request advance notice due to our busy schedules. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments. 

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